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Celebrate the Resurrection

April 06, 2023 Mike Stafford
The Portable Pastor Podcast
Celebrate the Resurrection
Show Notes

Celebrate the Resurrection
Luke 24:1-12

The passage:
1.      The resurrection happened on the first day of the week. (1a)
2.      The women had a purpose for going to the tomb. (1b)
3.      The resurrection thwarted the women's purpose. (2-3)
4.      Two men explained the situation. (4-8)
5.      The women shared the good news of the resurrection. (9-10)
6.      Most of the disciples thought the women were overreacting. (11)
7.      Two of the nine disciples felt the need to examine the facts. (12)

 The response is:
1.      This story is fiction. 
2.      This story is fascinating. 
3.      Or this story is fact.

 9 interesting arguments supporting the truth of the resurrection.
1.      The use of women as witnesses.
2.      The fulfillment of the OT prophecies.
3.      The empty tomb.
4.      The individual appearances of Jesus.
5.      The appearance to a large crowd.
6.      The change in the disciples.
7.      The changed lives of James and Paul.
8.      The timing of the testimonies.
9.      The continued growth of the church.

 Application: Do you see the celebration of the resurrection story as church people simply being overly dramatic or are you willing to examine the facts for yourself?