The Portable Pastor Podcast

Jesus and Fasting

February 23, 2023 Mike Stafford
The Portable Pastor Podcast
Jesus and Fasting
Show Notes

Jesus and fasting
Matthew 9:14-17

 The Points of the Passage:
1.      The question, “Is fasting required or not?” is a really good question.
2.      Jesus answered the disciples.
          a.       Fasting is inappropriate during times of celebration.
          b.      New covenant truth cannot be sown onto old covenant laws.
          c.       Putting new covenant truth into old covenant law is doubly dangerous. 3.      The main point: Fasting has no part in salvation. 

What part does fasting play in a Christian’s life?
1.      Fasting prepares our ears to hear from God. Acts 13:1-2 
2.      Fasting prepares us for ministry assignments. Acts 13:3

Application: Fast for preparation, not religion.