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Concerning Fasting

October 13, 2022 Mike Stafford
The Portable Pastor Podcast
Concerning Fasting
Show Notes

Concerning Fasting
Matthew 6:16-18

What is Fasting?
1.      Fasting is personally giving up some earthly thing.
2.      Fasting is not a diet plan.
3.      Fasting is not a punishment.
4.      Food fasting is not for everyone. 
5.      Fasting is purposeful.

 What is the purpose of fasting?
1.      Matthew 9:14-15 - To express sadness
2.      Isaiah 58:6 – To bring about freedom
3.      Isaiah 58:7 – To share with others
4.      Matthew 4:1-2 – To prepare yourself for what God has called you to do.
5.      Acts 14:23 – To commit others to the Lord’s service
6.      Jonah 3:6-10 – To ask for God’s mercy
7.      Judges 20:26-28 – To know God’s will
8.      Luke 2:36-38 – To worship God

Is it a command?
1.      Scripture does not command Christians to fast. 
2.      The Bible says fasting is a good and beneficial act. 

 What did Jesus say about fasting?
1.      Fasting should happen. (V 16a)
2.      Fast for the right reason. (V 16b)
3.      Don’t look like you’re fasting. (V 17)
4.      Fast in secret. (V 18a)
5.      Fasting has rewards. (V 18b)

 The application of this teaching on fasting.
1.      Fast for a specific purpose and for a specific time.
2.      Choose the type of fast strategically.  
3.      Hide your fasting.
4.      Look for an act of God when you are fasting or shortly afterward.